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Carolyng Gomes

Toasted Coconut and Apple Crunch Ice Cream

This semi-home made Toasted Coconut and Apple Crunch Ice Cream packs the flavor in a limited amount of time making it a great option when you want to impress without all the prep.

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Homemade Holiday Gifts: Butters
Better Butter: How to Make Homemade Mantequilla

The best gifts are from the heart and the best way to anyone's heart is through their stomach. You’ve made the cookies, the sweet and spicy nuts, granolas, and a dozen cake-in-a-jar’s. What’s left? Compound butters! A mixture of sweet and savory spices with creamy butter is as delicious as it sounds. From Coconut Dulce de Leche to Serrano, these butters are the perfect gift!

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Leek and Kale Chimichurri Roasted Baby Potatoes

These Leek and Kale Chimichurri Roasted Potatoes are easy to put together and quick to cook making them a sure hit!

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Jalapeño-Hatch Chile Corn Bread

Toss those old rolls and bring something fresh, flavorful and full of spice to your table. Jalapeño-Hatch Chile Corn Bread is spicy and sweet making it a home run no matter what you serve with it!

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Tropical Cranberry Punch Bubbly Mocktail

A refreshing drink with cranberry pomegranate juice, coconut water, frozen pineapple and sparkling non alcoholic pina colada juice, this Tropical Cranberry Punch Bubbly is perfect for any celebration.

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Apple Crostata with Panela Whip

A crisp shell wraps around apples sweetened with a mint panela syrup, topped with panela sweetened whip and dulce de leche in this delectably delicious Apple Crostata.

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Roasted Poblano and Potato Hash Omelette

Roasted poblanos, smoked chorizo, caramelized onions, hash browns, and fresh pico de gallo comes together in this flavorful and filling Roasted Poblano and Potato Hash Omelette. It's a great way to feed a crowd on a budget! 

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3 Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Pies
Viva Vegan! 3 Vegan Pies That Pair Well with Tofurky

Revamp your holiday desserts and try your hand at establishing some new traditions! From Agave Pear Crisp to Cran Pumpkin Pie, these desserts are fast to put together and completely vegan. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!

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Pumpkin Brazo Gitano with Rum Panela Cream

Welcome the fall with this delightfully delicious and surprisingly simple to make Pumpkin Brazo Gitano with Rum Panela Cream.

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