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Just Say No to Cerveza: How to Pair Wine with Pasteles

Unless you’re a sommelier, wine pairings can be a challenge cloaked in fear, confusion, and shame. (“That wine store clerk knows I don’t know the difference between a Syrah and a Shiraz!”)

And wine pairings for Latin food? Olvídalo!

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Malbec 101
Red Wine 101: What Is Malbec and What Do I Pair It With?

Malbec has to be one of the best luxuries that the Europeans brought over to Argentina.

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5 Tips for Pairing Beer with Super Bowl Foods

What's football Sunday without food?

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Christmas Wine Pairing Cheat Sheet
Match It: Here’s Your Holiday Wine Pairing Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re serving tamales or turkey, pozole or pecan pie, Christmas food and wine pairing is about to become as easy as click, save and print!

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The 12 Wines of Christmas
The 12 Wines of Christmas: Pairings for the Holidays (Plus Recipes!)

We will be spending Christmas—straight through El Dia de los Reyes—in Spain this year, and our favorite thing is that Christmas really does last 12 days there.

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5 Wine Pairings for a Día de los Muertos Feast

Mezcal and tequila aren't the only options.

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Spooky Wines for Halloween and Day of the Dead
5 Spooky Wines for Halloween and Day of the Dead

Every Halloween you buy scary costumes and candy for the kids, but this year why not buy something fun and devilish for the adults too?

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Garnacha for Guisos
Wine Pairings: 6 Garnachas for Guisado

As the post-holiday chill of winter sets in, we begin to crave hearty soups and stews that warm the kitchen and fill the house with delicious aromas as they bubble away on th

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Scotch and Serrano: Pairing Tapas
Serrano & Scotch: Tapas Pairings Tips

Walk into any tapas bar and you might find something unexpected. While wine is still on offer for delicious pairings, scotch has found its way to the table. So why is scotch starting to overtake the long reigning tapas drink, sherry? It's all about age. 

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