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Stuff It! Cheese & Rice Chiles Rellenos Recipe

The last time I was in Mexico, my friend Alma made this dish for me. I had tried it once before, but this time it made me really curious about the origin of the dish. I asked everyone I know if they knew where it came from and no one could answer me.

I have a sizable collection of cookbooks, and the older the books are, the more they intrigue me. I found a reference to a dish like this in an old book from my hometown, which leads me to believe this is a regional dish. Still, nothing that concrete, but the truth is that it is a clever way to make two dishes in one. I am not surprised a practical Mexican cook came up with this idea.

Many, if not most, Mexican meals are served with rice on the side. In this recipe, the rice and poblano chiles cook together in the same pan. How nifty is that? This recipe appeals to my practical self, and though I never shy away from making the most complicated dishes, sometimes I want to cook something that does not take 10 hours to make. This recipe is perfect for that.

This dish will please your vegetarian friends, but if you want a heartier meal, you could stuff the peppers with picadillo. That would make a really nice variation. This recipe comes with its own salsa recipe, but you can use any salsa you want, it doesn’t have to be this one.

When you serve this dish, all you need is a soup or salad as a starter and a delicious dessert to make a memorable meal for your family and friends. Think you are making a meal that was served in 1930’s Monterrey. That is something special.

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