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Peruvian Quinoa Week Kicks Off in New York

The powerful protein is back: The Trade Commission of Peru in New York is bringing back 2013’s United Nations’ International Year of Quinoa for the Peruvian Quinoa Week, happening in New York and New Jersey, April 28 through May 3.

To celebrate the healthy, gluten free quinoa, restaurants will be serving up both savory and sweet dishes for lunch and dinner. In New York, you can order up dishes at Desnuda, La CandelaCoco Rocco, Morocho, Panca, PioPio, Raymi, Surfish, and Warique. And in New Jersey, you can head to Maricel Presilla’s Cucharamama.

On the menu, you’ll find both traditional and modern dishes including: quinotto, fried quinoa ball; causa de quinoa (quinoa dollop topped with chicken or seafood); tiradito de pescado con crispy de quinoa, sashimi style with crispy quinoa; quinoa con pato, confit duck leg with quinoa; and risotto de quinua con carne guisado, quinoa made risotto-style with meat. On the sweet side, you’ll able to try crème brulle de quinoa frances a Peruana,a quinoa-crème brulee; and a quinoa mousse.

Expect to find touches of Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and African flavors on all the menus. The festival ends May 3. Make your reservations now.

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