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Watch Kids Try Christmas Foods from Around the World

Watching kids experience the magic and joy of Christmas is what makes the holiday so special. Watching kids try all different types of Christmas food, though, isn’t quite as magical.

Cut’s series American Kids Try tapped into the holiday season by giving some adorable little ones the task of diving into Christmas foods from different countries around the world. First up, New Zealand – which left the kids with some perplexed and scared reactions to eating whole shellfish. But when it came time to dive into the Dominican Republic (a country that most had never heard of), we saw some more positive reactions, considering they were given pig roast with a side of rice with pigeon peas and coconut milk. It was Japan that took the cake, though. The country infamously indulges in fried chicken on the holiday – usually, a good ‘ol bucket of KFC.

Watch the best reactions to Christmas food above!

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