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A #WallOfTacos Is Surrounding Donald Trump's Las Vegas Hotel

Mark your calendars: Tomorrow is the day Las Vegas patrons will surround Donald Trump’s hotel with taco trucks.

If you can recall, it was just 16 short months ago that the presidential candidate boldly stated that when elected president, he’ll be building a “great, great wall” along the U.S.-Mexican border, and would have them pay for it, of course.

Fast forward to today, where some of Sin City’s most proactive people are taking it upon themselves to make an even bigger and even better wall that requires nothing more than tacos on wheels. Tomorrow, starting at 10 a.m., folks of Culinary 226 will set up camp outside of the hotel, protesting Trump’s ongoing offensive ways. This union of workers has been fighting against Trump since the beginning of his campaign. Last year, even employees of the Trump hotel joined in on the protests.

A rally poster, containing all the #WallOfTacos event details, says “Bad Bosses Make Bad Presidents!” It notes that they call upon all to “let Trump Las Vegas know it’s time they respect their workers!”

Coincidentally, the rally is being held on the same day of the final presidential debate, which is being held just a few miles away at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. How ‘bout them tacos, Trump?

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