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Tabasco Sauce Gets Its Own Restaurant

Calling all those who like it hot: today, Tabasco sauce opened its own restaurant. And you can reserve a seat.

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It’s true! The restaurant is called 1868 (named after the year Tabasco was introduced) and its on Avery Island, Louisiana (Tabasco headquarters). The menu features Cajun-style cuisine that pairs well with different Tabasco sauces. Eventually, the menu will expand to include international options.

Dishes are priced in the $7-$12 range and include Cajun classics like sweet and spicy sausage, red beans and sausage, crawfish etouffee, chili Frito, crawfish nachos, chili dogs, jambalaya, and more.

The restaurant is part of a plan to get people over to Avery Island. Future development plans include a Tabasco museum and production facility and pepper cultivation tours. 

The restaurant is currently open 9 am to 3 pm daily. 

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