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OMG! This Selena Quintanilla Inspired Brunch Is Happening in Texas

Get ready to book your flight, chicas! Imagine a place where you get to celebrate and party to the legendary music of Selena Quintanilla, vibe out with several of her fans AND munch on some tasty eats. You’d be all, “Sign Me Up!” right? 
Well, that’s actually happening for some lucky diehard Selena fans in Austin, Texas. In early November, local restaurant El Chilito, known for their tacos and cafecito, promoted their first-ever Selena inspired brunch.

Of course it was a hit as the establishment not only served one-dollar mimosas but also welcomed fans to rock their best Selena outfits.

The late “Dreaming of You” singer still holds a deep place in many Latinos’ hearts as they brunch in her honor in their best bustiers and jumpsuits. 

And guess what? The event, which is perfectly titled "Bidi Bidi Brunch Brunch," is set to continue—we hear the next one is scheduled for Sunday, February 11.  So go on, get those plane tickets!


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