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WATCH: Celebrities Hilariously Explain Their Ideal Burrito

Nerdist sat down with celebrities and asked them the one question that defines us all as human beings: "What's in your ideal burrito?"

Any good burrito aficionado knows that the more toppings, the merrier. We've happily discovered that some of our favorite celebs are on the same page us (That is, basically drooling whilst dreaming of a burrito.)

Comedian Sarah Silverman knows just what she wants, she demands the necessary ingredients without hesitation: "Cheese, more cheese, boom."

Kristin Bell went a little sweeter, opting for chocolate in her burrito, whereas actress Ruth Wilson decided to put kale in hers. Okay, then...

Snooze alert: Natalie Portman wants vegetables in hers. Moving on...

Chris Hemworth solidified his swoon-status in our book when he topped his off with hot sauce. And who knew that Walter White knew about New Mexican green chile?!

Last but certainly not least, we're too excited to find out that our favorite green friend Kermit is Mexican, boasting that he wants manchego (and bugs..) in his burrito.

Watch the full video here, and sound off in the comments telling us what your ideal burrito would be!

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