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These Latinx-Inspired Coffee Tumblers Have Us Jumping for Joy

How many times has your abuela told you that Starbucks coffee isn't real coffee? Now, you can finally prove her wrong. Well, sort of…

Mercado El Catrin (@mercadoelcatrin), a small artisan shop based in La Mirada, California, is selling coffee tumblers that parody the Starbucks model. Instead of the iconic mermaid logo, these tumblers feature prominent players in Latinx culture such as artist Frida Kahlo, pan dulce and the queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla. See for yourself.


The tumblers are only $7 and they’re totally reusable. So while we can't guarantee that your abuela will stop berating your choice of coffee, we can guarantee you'll be supporting the culture while saving the planet one coffee run at a time. Which tumbler is your favorite? 


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