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In Honor of 420: A Horchata That Gets You High

The edible marijuana market is booming y’all. We’re long past the era of brownies, now we’re talking about artisanal chocolates, cold brew coffees, and even horchata. That’s right, someone invented an horchata that can get you high.

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The drink was invented by Armando Rodriguez, an L.A.-based man who last year invented a weed-laced michelada called the Dabchelada. Rodriguez worked for a company that produced pre-made micheladas and one day thought he could take it the extra step.

Like the michelada, the horchata is sold in a cup with a lid. Inside the cup is a small container (like what a to-go salad dressing comes in) that you empty into the cup and then you top it off with water. (Or beer, in the case of the michelada.)

Each drinks contains about 200 milligrams of indica dominant “real shatter.” We’re not sure what that means. But for the record: Google says that casual users should start with about 10 milligrams of THC and wait it out and that a high from about 10 to 25 mgs of THC can last from four to six hours. So, go with God.

Rodriguez is definitely riding the high of the pro-marijuana legislations that have swept the nation: 28 states have some kind of medical marijuana provisions in place and it looks like that number will only rise.

We have another idea. Scientists recently discovered why marijuana gives you the munchies. It seems that the chemical that usually tells you to stop eating gets confused when you’re high and instead, tells you to eat more. (We mean, obvs.)  

So knowing that you’re scientifically predisposed to need a snack after getting high, why not bundle that horchata / dabchelada with some fresh tacos and double the price? Just sayin. 

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