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Disneyland Has a Tajin Lemonade and We Want It

Disneyland is at again: they have a new Tajin lemonade and we want it. And not just because it’s so hot we’ve retreated to the darkest, coolest parts of our apartments and are sitting quietly in front of a fan and a bowl of ice. (Old school.)

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So Disney California Adventure is all in on this “Summer of Heroes” thing, which looks to be a Guardians of the Galaxy themed summer with a special ride and limited-edition menu items. We didn’t watch Guardians of the Galaxy but apparently there are people (things?) called Krylorians and at the park you can get a Krylorian Kooler.

For the Summer of Heroes said Krylorian Kooler is a mix of lemonade and watermelon poured into a Tajin-rimmed glass. What’s that, never had Tajin? Well, well, well. Tajin is a mix of dehydrated lime, salt, and chili peppers. You can use it on all sorts of things but our favorite is diced mango.

Anywho, it’s spicy, salty, and delightful. And you can get it at the Cosmic Canteen (and maybe other places?) at the park and pair it with all sorts of other deliciousness (we see on Insta some shoots of a Jalapeno Cheese Groot Bread that we could take a bite out of).

We’ve also seen a few savvy park goers hack their menus and get Tajin on other items, like that famous Dole Whip (we want that right now!). The drink is available through September 10, when this whole Summer of Heroes theme is done. 

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