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Campaign Aims to Help José Andrés in Legal Battle with Donald Trump

José Andrés may have stirred the pot when he backed out of a deal with Donald Trump, but the chef has plenty of support.

Andrés found Trump's racist comments so offensive that he ended his partnership with the mogul turned presidential candidate. The two were set to open a restaurant at Donald Trump’s new hotel in Washington, D.C. In response, Trump filed a $10 million lawsuit against the chef for “breach of contract.”

At first, Andrés was alone in fighting the lawsuit, but a fundraiser to help pay for the chef’s legal fees is now underway, reports El PaisJorge Guarjardo, a former Mexican diplomat, started the campaign after he heard of the politician’s lawsuit against the chef.

“José Andrés made a brave decision by abandoning such an important project,” Guarjardo said. “As a Mexican, I really appreciate what he has done because we were the main ones attacked by Trump.”

The fundraiser’s goal is $100,000. It has collected more than $7,000. 

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