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Watch These Brave Souls Try the Flamin' Hot Cheetos Bagel

How far does your Flamin' Hot Cheetos addiction go? For some, it's a controlled obsession with the spicy snack. Others, however, need their hourly fix, which now comes in the form of a bright red bagel.

The Bagel Nook in Freehold, New Jersey created the Flamin' Hot Cheetos Bagel, which comes with all hot, hot goodness that's in every bag, but with the added bonus of two cream cheese options: Ghost Pepper Cream Cheese or Cool Ranch Cream Cheese. The gang over at BuzzFeed couldn't wait to get their hands on the colossal bagel, considering the Cheetos are their "favorite when high."

The taste test resulted in forehead sweats, burning mouths, and whole 'lot of "Wow!"  Watch the spicy tasting above.

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