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Not Just for Tea: Hibiscus Flower Tacos Recipe

Hibiscus flower tacos. I know, this is not your typical taco, but stay with me here. As strange as they sound, you have to try them. They are tangy, flavorful, with great texture and full of amazing properties.

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Hibiscus or jamaica is a flower usually used to make agua fresca in Mexico. It's a common flavor that you can find it everywhere: in paletas, in salad dressings, desserts, and more. To make agua de jamaica you simply steep the flowers in hot water, remove them, add more water, and some sugar.

Hibiscus flowers have an amazing tart, cranberry-like flavor that goes well with sweet dishes (combine them with strawberries for a refreshing drink) and savory dishes or ingredients, like chiles and avocados, in these tacos.

When you chop the flowers and sauté them with onion and chile serrano the flavors and texture explode in your mouth. This combination it is even better with the creaminess of freshly made guacamole and handmade corn tortillas.

The filling is also great served with chips. You could easily prepare some  uacamole and top with the prepared hibiscus flowers. But I love this filling in taco form, it is an extra way to get all the benefits and flavor of the hibiscus flower. This flower is a natural diuretic and has tons of vitamin C. It is also full of antioxidants and helps us maintain a good energy level. 

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