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Empanadas Mañaneras

Empanadas are plump little turnovers, stuffed with savory or sweet fillings, and are devoured daily throughout Latin America and Spain. Bakeries that make good empanadas are hard to find here in the US, so we came up with an easier way to make them at home: Good ‘ol American canned biscuit dough.

At first, we had doubts. Would they be authentic? How would they taste? Could biscuit dough hold a filling or would it burst? Bravely, we rolled and stretched the dough, filled it, baked, and waited…

EUREKA! The biscuit empanadas were light, delicately crispy, but hearty and satisfying. The faint aroma of spicy chorizo escaped with the buttery steam. We could hardly wait to take a bite! WOW!

They were excellent, and we quickly shared them with our friends, who agreed. Our experiment was a success.

We called these our Empanadas Mañaneras because they are great for morning guests or quick breakfast bites on the run. Our Empanadas Mañaneras are easy enough to make first thing in the morning, even before the coffee kicks in. We loved them alongside scrambled eggs and mixed berries, but they're filling enough to be a meal in themselves.

Make sure you look for Mexican style chorizo, which is moist. Dried Spanish chorizo can certainly be used, but you will need to grind it quite finely, and use twice as much, since dried chorizo is less bulky than moist chorizo.

If you don’t bake often, this might be a good recipe for you to test your baker’s wings. Biscuit dough can be found in cylinder shaped cans usually in the dairy aisle in most supermarkets. This recipe is simple, but impressive (in fact, you may want to leave this recipe up on your screen, so your roommate gets the hint for the next time they plan breakfast in bed.)

Empanadas Mañaneras 

  • 4 ounces fresh chorizo, casing removed
  • 1 small potato, peeled and diced (about 4 ounces)
  • 1/4 cup minced onion
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 can biscuit dough – large size with 8 biscuits
  • flour for rolling surface

Get the full recipe.

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