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Stunning Sopas: Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe

This soup makes a great weeknight meal. It’s quick, easy, delicious, bright, and full of superfoods. It’s also elegant and has a professional chef look. Here’s how and why to whip it up. 

All the ingredients in this recipe are superfoods! They help fight off colds and give us all the energy we need during the long, cold winter. The main spices, ginger and turmeric, are full of antioxidants, are anti-inflammatories, and they’re antibacterial. 

Besides all of the healthy benefits, ginger and turmeric give the soup a very bright and delicious flavor and add a magic layer of flavor to everything they touch.

Carrot needs no introduction at all. Carrots are a year round vegetable and are extremely versatile (you can eat them raw, cooked, steamed, pureed, roasted…). My favorite way to eat it and enjoy it  is roasted with salsa verde. But probably this soup comes in second.

This soup is mildly sweet so I like to serve it with cranberries or dried cherries. I love the combination of a sweet and sour bite. I also love to top this soup with slivered almonds, they make the soup look great and give every spoonful an amazing crunch.

And, last but not least,  to make it really really pretty and make all the amazing colors pop out, I drizzle in a bit of coconut milk. It makes a bowl that’s almost too pretty to eat. Almost. 

Get the recipe.

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