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Introducing the Keurig for Tortillas... Seriously

An upcoming Kickstarter project has caught our attention: Flatev. This crazy gadget is a Keurig for tortillas - as in the makers allege the machines will make fresh tortillas that taste like they’re straight from your Mexican abuela’s kitchen in an instant. Yes, we’re skeptical, too… though the testimonials rave about the authentic flavor of the machine’s goods.

Just like the Keurig, the Flatev produces a fresh tortilla by accepting a “pod” of dough. With a simple touch of a button, the contraption’s inner-machinery flattens and cooks the water and corn (or wheat) flour mixture into a fresh-off-the-press tortilla.

This new-fangled machine is meant for those who don’t like to get their hands dirty and opt for store-bought tortillas when the craving calls. Once the Flatev is available, these individuals will be able to have fresh tortillas made with just two ingredients instead of the processed and packaged tortillas packed with preservatives and artificial colors and flavors. The Flatev promises to give you a “fresh, homemade tortilla in seconds” without “fretting over exact measurements of ingredients.” They go so far as to claim, “You’ll be the coolest Taco Night host in town!”

For all those concerned about the dough “pods” being environmentally sound, Flatev’s reps claim to have, “committed to finding the best solution by working with ecology experts and environmental scientists, so the pods do not contribute to any waste.” We certainly don’t need another K-cup-monster situation on our hands!

We're unconvinced. Especially when making your own tortillas at home is easy and quick (ust check out our step-by-step guide!), but if you're intrigued, you can reserve your very own, planet-conscious tortilla maker for just around $300. Let us know how it works out! 

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