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Fill ‘Er Up: Quinoa Stuffed Poblano Peppers Recipe

This recipe, a quinoa salad stuffed poblano chile, is probably the best representation of the food we eat home: 100 percent plant based diet with a Latin flavor profile. 

With a plant-based diet, variety is key. Did you know that there almost 800 different types of beans? There are different sizes, colors, textures, and they have different properties. Some have more fiber than others, some have more vitamins than others, it all depends on which ones you're eating. Same thing happens with grains, there are hundreds of varieties. There is the gluten-free grain category, wheat, ancient grains, and pseudograins category. Eating different types will assure you you are getting all the nutrients you need to excel.

Some time people think that having a plant based diet will be boring or limiting. The truth is that this could not be further from the truth. For me, it went the other way around. I discovered a whole new way of eating, a whole new world of ingredients, and combinations. Before changing my diet I never thought of having curry or even a different kind of pepper, I always used black.

The same with rice.... yes, I ate only white and plain white rice.

But gradually and as the years go by, the more interested I am in other cultures, their food, the spices they use, the different techniques of cooking, I find ways to expand my diet. I can not deny my Mexican heritage, but I like to combine and integrate new ingredients into my cooking.

This quinoa salad stuffed poblano chile can’t be a more culturally combined dish. It's a fusion between Peru's quinoa, America's roasted cherry tomatoes, and the very Mexican chile poblano, black beans, pepitas, and pumpkin seeds. And it is completely delicious. 

Get the recipe. 

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