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Cool It! Strawberry & Hibiscus Paletas Recipe

Paletas heladas are a traditional summer treat. In every part of  Mexico you can see guys pushing around carts, in parks and plazas, filled with paletas. As he passes by pushing his cooler on wheels, he'll call out his treats: lemon, lime, hibiscus, strawberry, vanilla, whatever you can think of ... I love them all. 

And while paletas are water based, ice cream shops are also common. Staring through the front windows, you'll catch a glimpse of the refrigerated counter, basins of ice cream in every color of the rainbow, or rows of wooden sticks from the paletas, standing at attention. I remember the flavors: avocado, corn, raisin, pine nut, or my favorite, mango and chili. 

A crowd pleaser was, and is still, hibiscus and strawberry. Though it might still be too chilly where you are to use fresh strawberries, this recipes comes together quickly with frozen fruit. (And it's never too chilly to eat paletas.). The hibiscus is tart, the strawberries sweet, and the whole dessert is a guilt free treat. 

This recipe is perfect to prepare in advance - just freeze and you'll always have a paleta read for your kids. Make a double batch and keep the agua fresca base as in the fridge to enjoy as is (or with a shot of tequila for the grown ups). 

Get the recipe. 

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