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A Cheater's Guide to Pozole

This is not a traditional Mexican pozole, this is my version. Traditional pozole is made with hominy, it can be red, it can be green, it can be made in a million different ways. The color of the broth is what makes it different. In some states, it's made with a combination of dried chiles. In other states it is made with mole, a thick sauce made with chocolate, nuts, spices, and chiles. Mexican cuisine is huge in color and variety so that's what I'm calling this this recipe below, green pozole, my version.

There's another reason: it's quick to throw together and I chose the ingredients for maximum nutrition. Even though hominy has tons of vitamins and minerals, I wanted to have a heartier soup. The kind of soup that  fills me up with vitamins, protein, and fiber, which is why I chose chickpeas. (Also, I always have a can of chickpeas in my pantry, so even though I forget to buy hominy at the store, I know I’ll be covered.)

I also chose to make the green version of  pozole and not the traditional red one, because this recipe has tons of cilantro. Cilantro is a detoxifying herb that helps our liver. It also has tons of vitamin A and K. Now in Mexico, pozole is served with iceberg lettuce but I chose romaine because it has way more protein, vitamins, and minerals than the traditional iceberg. You know what they say right? The greener the veggie the more nutrient dense. I also love radishes, which are packed full of minerals and are helpful for our bones and our teeth. 

Get the recipe. 

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