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High Steaks: Mexican Carne Norestense

Northeastern Mexican cuisine is finally getting the recognition it deserves for being deliciously flavorful and simple. This fork-tender beef steak and salsa combo is a prime example. It comes together in minutes and will wow your guests.

Northern Mexican food has long been thought of as unimaginative and ordinary. Even worse, northeastern cuisine has come under fire by Mexicans and foreigners alike as "only barbecue". Now, the cuisine is finally getting the merit it deserves.

The food of northeastern Mexico, as in most of the world, has been the result of geography, weather, and history. Many different peoples have influenced the cuisine, starting with the Tlaxcaltecan indians, Spanish settlers, Sephardic Jews, and others.

I'm here to tell you there is nothing ordinary about our cuisine. On the contrary, with the limited ingredients due to the weather and semi-arid terrain, we have managed to create exciting dishes, especially beef ones. Excellent beef is a given anywhere in the north and this is the starting point of this recipe. The best ingredients don't need much enhancement and this is the perfect example.

Beef tenderloin is butterflied and pounded thin so it cooks quickly. A fast seasoning with garlic, lime juice, salt and pepper, and to the griddle or grill it goes. Cook for 2-3 minutes per side and that’s all it takes. This magnificent and juicy meat needs a great salsa, and we're using the exceptionally spicy and local Piquín and Canica chiles, along with some dried moritas in our roasted tomatillo sauce.

Serve with flour tortillas and whole beans in their broth, lime wedges, and the salsa and you'll feel like you're in the northern Mexican countryside. Provecho!!

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