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Best Food Blogs of 2013

As the year comes to a close, we’re taking stock of the last 12 months. Feeling a little nostalgic and celebrating what a wonderful and delicious year it’s been, we’re picking out our favorite recipes and our favorite sweet bites, and now, our favorite Latin food blogs of the year. These blogs are the sites we add to our feeds, check in on every day, bookmark and share. Through their sites, these bloggers have become our constant cooking companions, always welcome in our kitchen. And we’re introducing you to them now. Here, our favorite Latin food blogs of the year.

Muy Bueno Cookbook

Yvette Marquez Sharpnack and Veronica Gonzalez Smith started the Muy Bueno Cookbook blog with their mother, Evangelina, in 2010. Originally a place to share family recipes, especially those of their grandmother, Jesusita Mendias-Soza, the blog became wildly popular, spinning off into a cookbook.

Why we love it: Yvette and her contributors don't just share their recipes, they share genuine, heartfelt memories and they cook to celebrate their culture, their heritage, and their family. Just like us. 

The Mija Chronicles

Southern California native Lesley Tellez started this blog in 2009 to document her move to Mexico City. It quickly became a love letter to Mexican street food and Mexican cuisine. Now, it’s a way to share recipes, memories, and expertise.

Why we love it: Because we’ve eaten our way through a few cities. There’s nothing like stumbling bleary eyed and jet lagged into a café or taqueria or fritura shack, pointing at items in a glass case, sitting down with a tray or a bag or a plate overflowing and knowing you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

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