Venezuelan Recipes

    A hearty Venezuelan classic shredded beef dinner.
    These coconut cookies are a perfect sweet treat.
    These tasty corn flour steamed bundles are full of Venezuelan flavors.
    These Venezuelan meatballs are perfectly crisp and moist.
    This Venezuelan egg dish will start your day with a boost of flavor.
    Cinnamon Golfeados Recipe
    Everyone's favorite cinnamon roll gets a Venezuelan twist with queso blanco.
    Ham Pansitos (Pansitos de Jamón) Recipe
    A bite-sized take on a traditional Venezuelan appetizer.
    Jalapeño Tequeño Poppers Recipe
    Tequeños are made of sticks of queso blanco wrapped in sweet dough and fried to a crisp.
    Coconut Egg Nog (Coconut Ponche Crema)
    A Venezuelan take on traditional egg nog with sweet coconut and cinnamon flavoring.
    Mini Rolled Cachitos Recipe
    These sweet crescent rolls are filled with black forest ham baked to golden perfection and best enjoyed in three bites or less.