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Keep It Simple: Why Bogota's Misia is a Restaurant Favorite Among Locals

In 2014 Leo Cocina y Cava in Bogota, Colombia was inducted onto the list of 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America, shining a spotlight on Chef Leonor Espinosa and her meticulous preparation and presentation of dishes that incorporate and respect obscure Colombian ingredients and techniques. With Misia, the restaurant she opened in May of 2015, Espinosa has turned her talents to pared down representations of Colombia’s most basic and beloved foods.

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Despite the acclaim, many Colombian diners are still put off by the protocol and precision of the cuisine at Leo Cocina y Cava. Misia is for them. The quaintly decorated space is a “piquetadero and refresqueria” and the menu is an ode to cherished pan-Colombian flavors. All sausages are made in-house including a sweet morcilla blood sausage inspired by an onion-heavy recipe, wonderfully dense and flavorful butifarra and, of course, chorizos longanizas. At Misia even the piquete plate for two, which heaves under the weight of all those meats and more, is almost a healthy option thanks to fresh ingredients and nearly grease-free presentation.

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