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Buenos Aires Hit List: Parrillas

It’s all about the sizzle really: a sound that delivers a sucker-punch to the hungry belly, the anthem of man’s oldest and most common cuisine. Barbecue, braai, barby, asado, barbecoa, no matter what you call it, everybody loves it. There is something simple, primal, and beautiful about meat cooking on open flames. Deep in our genes it seems that there remains a fascination with the power of fire.

In few places in the world is the barbecue as revered and celebrated as in Argentina, and Buenos Aires is rife with masters of the art. They all swear that there is no trick to it; they seem almost puzzled by the question. All you need is a good, trustworthy supplier and a slow fire – simple. Maybe when you cook hundreds of kilograms of the stuff every week, it's that easy to unthinkingly judge by eye, touch, and instinct. For the rest of us, the sometimes-barbecuers, there is no better city in the world to give up the apron with grace and put yourself in the hands of someone who knows better.

As always, TLK has got your guide to the best of the city, these are the parrillas that never fail to deliver.

Best in Class

These are the iconic, top of the range parrillas, traditional and impeccable on all fronts. The service is excellent, the wine selection impressive, the menu has all the favorites but with some finer touches and the meat is simply perfect.

Don Julio (Guatemala 4691, Palermo. +54 11 4832-6058) Order a skirt steak (entraña) and take the time to pick something delicious from the wine list lovingly curated by owner Pablo Rivero. Repeat.

La Cabrera The guys at La Cabrera win extra points for the Little bowls of finger snacks and dips that arrive at the table the minute you sit down.

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