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Where to Eat in Santiago, Chile: Best Restaurants According to Chilean Chefs


Providencia, a vast neighborhood that stretches out along Avenida Providencia, is located between upscale and artistic outlying neighborhoods closer to city center. Chef Ortega recommends Fuente de Soda Las Cabras. Here, the owners have succeeded in reviving a type of dining experience that was typical for older generations of Chileans. One restaurant critic noted that the location of this two-year-old establishment also signifies a shift in what could be considered the “center” of Santiago – and, in that writer’s opinion, the Providencia location of Fuente de Soda Las Cabras, near the metro stop of El Golf, is the actual “center” of the city these days.

Christian Hayes, the co-founder of Sukalde Secreto, puts restaurant 99 on the "must-visit" list. Hayes knows what he's talking about, he caters to individuals who travel from as far away as the United States (a group of multi-millionaires flew down to South America from New York just to experience Sukalde Secreto) and he also serves a local crowd during lunch at 2661, a restaurant that is open in the same location on weekdays. (Dishes at 2661 are priced so that the those who live and work in the area don’t feel they have to splurge the same way that diners at the once-a-week private gatherings of Sukalde Secreto do.) Why 99 and why now? The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, the meals are light, and the emphasis is on Chilean products. Wooden tables and a large terrace provide the stage for Kurt Schmidt’s team to demonstrate their considerable culinary talents – reviewers are taking note and 99 was ranked #22 on the list of Latin America’s Top 50 restaurants last year.

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