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Virtual Traveler: The 7 Snacks You Must Eat in Ecuador's Otavalo Market

1. Churos

If you read that as churros, this will be a surprise. Churos (pictured above) are tiny snails, sold for the equivalent of 50 cents per bag and are eaten with onion, lemon, salt, and cilantro. According to the vendor eating churos is good for your kidneys.

2. Queso con miel

Another savory bite is this chunk of fresh cheese flavored with naranja (right). If not sweet enough, add the contents of the little container to the cheese: miel de panela, a honey-like substance made of raw sugar.

3. Empanadas

Milk production is an important part of the economy in this part of the country. Like milk, cheese is popular among locals, fresh cheese that is; soft and mild in flavor like cottage cheese. Among the snacks made with it are deep fried empanadas with cheese inside. Though of course, you'll find empanadas with more typical fillings like ham and chicken.

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