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Pizza in Brazil? What & How to Order Like a Pro

Brazilian pizza may vary from the American and Italian versions, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t just as tasty. On the contrary, Brazil's pizzas are often topped with fresh greens and veggies like arugula and hearts of palm. And for dessert, there's pizza with chocolate and sweet condensed milk.

Thanks to Italian immigrants, many of whom emigrated to South America around the 1900s, the Italy's most beloved foods were introduced to and incorporated into Brazil's regular diet. These days, with the majority of Italians and their descendants living in the southern states of the country, this is where you’ll most likely find pizzarias and casas de pizza. In fact, São Paulo is home to more than 6,000 pizza houses.

Brazil even has a Dia da Pizza: Pizza day; July 10 is the day to take your friends out for a big pizza treat. Where to go? Just wait for the results to come in from São Paulo’s annual contest for the best pizza maker. In the meantime, here's how to order your pizza like a pro.

Pizza Basics

First things first, don’t order a pizza just for yourself. The Brazilian way of pizza eating is selecting a number of types of pizza with your table companions. The waiter will come to your table regularly with slices of the different types and you can pick the slice you like. Therefore, a pizza isn’t served in the middle of the table either, like in the States. In fact, like Brazil’s churrascarias, pizza can be served rodizio style as well: all you can eat for a fixed price. And like in Europe, Brazilians eat their pizza with cutlery. 

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