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Hello Guadalajara! Where and What to Eat in Mexico's New Foodie Hotspot

Craft Beer

There are three main centers of the Mexican craft beer movement and Guadalajara is one of them. Five years ago you would be hard-pressed to find any breweries besides the medium-sized craft beer pioneer Minerva, but these days, small breweries, microbreweries and even home brewers are creating a buzz – literally. The industry is still a very small percentage of the market share, but brewers like Alejo Magallanes Vega of the Loba brewery are drawing a spotlight on Guadalajara through national and international awards for their uncommon styles – pre-prohibition lager, IPLs, a traditional sour made with prickly pear cactus fruit – and their goal of being the best brewery in Mexico.

Head to the tiny El Grillo, tucked into Guadalajara's bumping Chapultepec Avenue, and you can find at least one hometown option in every beer style, including the bar's own caramelly porter or their weizen. Local brands to check out include Ventura, Perro Negro, 7 Mares and the nearby Cervecería de Colima – each drawing more and more beer lovers to Guadalajara.


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