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6 Best Restaurants in Polanco: Where to Eat in Mexico City's Most Elite Nabe

Polanco, Mexico City's most sophisticated neighborhood, is notable for its cultural diversity and numerous restaurants, boutiques and museums.

If you're planning to visit Mexico City, these are the restaurants in Polanco that you won't want to miss.


Though these recommendations are in no particular order, if we had to assign a number one, it would be Quintonil. It's not just one of Polanco's best restaurants, it's one of the world's best restaurants. Opened in 2012 by Chef Jorge Vallejo and his wife Alejandra Flores, Quintonil won acclaim early on. It currently occupies the number six spot on Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list and the number 12 spot on the World's Best Restaurants list. The reason is in Quintonil's contradictions: modern but approachable food served in a relaxed but upscale atmosphere. It's simultaneously new and familiar, fancy and chill, and it delights in a way that you'll want to experience for yourself. 

* courtesy of Quintonil



What can be added to the many accolades assigned to Pujol? Frankly, not much, apart from the fact that after 17 years in the same location, it will soon reopen in bigger, more modern digs (though it will remain in Polanco). Enrique Olvera, Pujol's chef and owner, will continue to serve the elevated street food with which he put Mexico on the map as a first-class global dining destination, and as with Pujol I and Cosme, the NY restaurant he opened in 2014, guests will continue to line up for a taste of Olvera's genius.


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