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Pan Dulce Glass Christmas Ornaments by CasaQ

Pan Dulce Glass Christmas Ornaments

CasaQ, $26.98

These cute as pie—er, pan dulce—glass Christmas ornaments would make a fantastic hostess gift for a holiday dinner party. They come packaged in a gift box, accompanied by a
 card explaining the history behind the design. This year, ornament maker CasaQ is partnering with the non-profit organization Vision Literacy to raise funds for immigrants who can't read or write in English. “Our ornaments will be used as perks when people donate at a certain level,” says CasaQ founder and designer, Darlene Tenes.

Tenes is happy to support the cause, which, she says, “is close to my heart because my father was an immigrant who came to the USA and worked hard to become completely fluent in English so he could give his children a better life and become a successful businessman. It is a hindrance for the entire family when parents can not fill out insurance and immigration forms, school paperwork or help with their child's homework. The Gift of Literacy campaign will make a big difference to immigrants to give their children a better life.”

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Pan Dulce Glass Christmas Ornaments by CasaQ
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