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Breakfast Bowls: 3 Tasty One-Bowl Recipes with Latin Flavor

Bowls are all the rage, and we don’t mean the ceramic kind. One-bowl recipes were a late 2016 food trend that’s picked up even more steam this year, mostly due to the fact that they’re satisfying, easy to make, and provide a quality meal without a lot of mess.

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In Breakfast Bowls, the new cookbook by Caroline Griffiths, the focus is – surprise! – the first meal of the day.

For a lot of us, that’s typically one of two things: unhealthy store-bought cereal or nothing at all.

Griffiths posits an alternative: wholesome breakfast bowls with delicious and filling superfoods like avocado, faro, berries, and nut butters. There are 52 glorious breakfast bowl recipes in her book – a new one every week for a year – and all are bright, tasty, and vitamin-packed.

We liked them so much that we published them in the May issue of Latina magazine. Click through for the recipes!

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