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5 Kicky Recipes That Will Take Your Holiday Menu to New Heights

Though we all love abuela / tia’s / our best friend’s recipe for arroz con gandules, sometimes we need to switch up the holiday table. Because while the classics are classics for a reason, 12 days of the same ol’ pernil are enough to bring out the Grinch in any one. So from cobblers to strudels, here's how to turn your favorite holiday flavors into entirely new meals.

Let’s start with the strudel. Chorizo and Spinach Strudel has all the flavor you need to get going in the morning. Smoked chorizo is paired with sweet spinach sautéed with leeks, covered in gooey habanero jack cheese, and served in a fluffy, flakey puff pastry crust. That’s right, bite into your strudel and make a mess. It’s worth it.  

If you want to start your day off with eggs try a Mini Chorizo Quiche! Sautéed mushrooms and smoked chorizo are sprinkled into a quiche with jack cheese and the same flaky puff pastry crust.

For heartier fare, try a Cranberry Glazed Pernil. It has the tangy flavor you love from cranberry sauce with the sweet flavor of pernil and peppery kick from a rose, white, and cayenne pepper rub that keeps this pernil perfectly moist and full of flavor. 

Ham and Leek Empanadas are a great meal-to-go, with black forest ham and sweet sautéed leeks. Even the kids will love this one!

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget dessert! Mango Gingerbread Cobbler couldn’t be more delicious or easy to make. Left over gingerbread gets an upgrade with fresh mango, heavy cream, and a touch of rum for a dessert that satisfies your sweet and spicy cravings.

Next, get the recipes for these dishes with a twist... And click here for two bonus videos for holiday sides: coconut braised collard greens and Ecuadorian mashed potatoes 

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