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4 Happy Halloween Treats to Make at Home

Halloween is chock full with sugar: from hard candies to caramels to snack size bar upon snack size bar of chocolate. And while sometimes, a handful of sweets from the trick-or-treat bag is the only thing that will do, why not plan ahead and make something you can feel great about eating? This year, forgo the standard issue packaged candy and make your own Latin inspired Halloween candy. Candy making may seem complicated, but in fact, making candy is incredibly easy. These treats are perfect for packages handing to trick-or-treaters or bringing to a Halloween party. Infused with peppers, spice, and sugar, these four treats will transform the way you think about candy. 

This might be the world’s most popular candy of all time; peanut butter and chocolate are a sinfully dynamic duo. For these Homemade Peanut Butter Cups, we use spicy Mexican chocolate to cover smooth, creamy, and salty peanut butter. You won’t be able to just have one. 

Now, popcorn may not be a candy but it’s perfect for your Halloween party. Fill large bowls with this play on kettle corn, a Sweet and Spicy Popcorn that is tossed in sugar, salt, and chili powder. This salty sweet crunch will be a nice departure from the chocolate dense treats. 

And no party is complete without this classic. Candy corn is the iconic candy of Halloween. Why not make it a little more adult-friendly? In this Jalapeno Candy Corn, we infuse the hot sugar mixture with full jalapeno pods, creating a subtly spicy end product. The best part: you can die the candy to match whatever your Halloween color scheme may be: all black, dark purples, or the classic orange and white.

Fall is peak apple season. Bobbing for apples and do-it-yourself candy apples are perfect party activities and gifts for adults and children. For Halloween, turn up the heat on the classic candy apple recipe with this Mexican favorite: Tamarind Chili Candy Apples. An apple is dipped in sweet and stick tamarind and then sprinkled with chili powder.

Make these treats and you'll be sure to have a very happy Halloween.

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