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3 Slow Cooker Recipes with 200 Calories or Less

Picture this: You get home from a crazy day at work, exhausted and hungry, put the key in the door and open it to find that your home smells incredible. Dinner is ready and waiting for you. All you have to do is sit down, relax, and enjoy. Is it a dream? Nope! That’s the magic of the slow cooker.

Just toss in a few ingredients in the morning before work or in the evening before bed, and let the pot do the work. In anywhere from 2 to 8 hours you’ll have a perfect, hot meal. It’s basically the next best thing to having a private chef!

While traditional slow cooker recipes can often be heavy and rely a bit too much on high-sodium canned foods and sugary processed ingredients, we’ve lightened things up a bit with three incredible (and totally from-scratch!) Latin slow-cooker recipes that are each 200 calories or less per serving.

And we’re not skimping on flavor either. With ingredients like spicy chicken chorizo, creamy sweet potatoes, and silky paella rice, your tastebuds will be just as happy as your waistline. Just a bit of warning—once you try this method of cooking, it’s possible that you may never want to use your stove again! 

Next, three healthy slow cooker recipes to help you set it and forget it... 

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