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3 Fresh Spring Salads!

Trying to stay on a healthy track can be downright boring. We all get in a rut when it comes to greens, but spicing up your salad isn’t as tough as it seems. You have all the ingredients in your kitchen, you just have to see, and use them in different ways. Balsamic Kale Mango, Spinach Apple Crunch, and Spiced Tangerine Spring Salads will revolutionize your plate and your palate when it comes to getting in your greens, guaranteed.

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You may have a love/hate relationship with kale. It’s delicious crisped up but a bit too tough raw. Kale is a sturdy green that can hold up to a lot of handling unlike more delicate, traditional salad greens. Take advantage of this lucky trait and make a salad that can stay in the fridge dressed, marinating, and intensifying in flavor. Balsamic Kale Mango Salad combines juicy, ripe mango, fresh kale leaves, and bright blueberries with a simple balsamic vinaigrette that just gets better and better as the days roll on.

Spinach is another green that is tasty but may get a bad rap. It’s delicate in that it has a short shelf life, so finding a way to use it at its peak freshness is key. Spinach Apple Crunch Salad tosses plump blueberries, crisp apples and crunchy almonds with fresh, bright spinach in an easy, tangy apple cider vinaigrette.

And if you are looking for a bit more spice try Spiced Tangerine Supreme Salad. Fresh peppery arugula is tossed with tangerine slices and raisins in a tongue-tickling three pepper vinaigrette that is sweetly spiced.

Eating right doesn’t have to be boring. You have all of the ingredients you need to make a delicious, fun, flavor filled salad. You just have to put it together. Do yourself a favor and try one of these fresh Spring salads, and start enjoying your greens again.

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