• Prep Time
    5 Mins
  • Cook Time
    0 Mins
  • Total Time
    5 Mins
  • The base number of servings for this recipe is 2

    Waffled Quesadillas with Roasted Tomato Salsa

    For this waffled quesadilla recipe, we use a waffle iron, the two sided heat means it cooks quickly. The bonus: Any bits of cheese that escape get nice and crispy — a treat for the cook. 

    For Salsa
    garlic, with skins
    small onion, cut in three pieces
    canned chipotles en adobo to taste
    salt and pepper to taste
    Lime wedges, for garnish
    For Quesadillas
    flour tortillas
    shredded queso chihuahua or monterey jack cheese
    sauteed onion as desired
    refried beans as desired
    nonstick cooking spray
    For Salsa: In an oven, broil the tomatoes, onion and garlic cloves, turning as necessary to blacken evenly. It should take only a few minutes. When these have blackened, peel the skin from the tomatoes and remove the papery skin from the garlic.
    Add the vegetables to the work bowl of a food processor, along with salt, black pepper and the chipotle en adobo. One chipotle pepper makes a mild to medium salsa. Two make a fairly intense medium salsa. The remaining chipotles and sauce can be frozen in a well-labeled bag.
    Pulse in the food processor until liquified. Pour the salsa into a shallow pan and cook on medium heat about five minutes, until most of the water has cooked out. Let cool and set aside.
    For Quesadillas: Grease preheated waffle iron with nonstick cooking spray. Place the bottom tortilla on the waffle iron first, then spread desired amount of refried beans on tortilla and sprinkle with cheese and sauteed onions. Top with second tortilla. Close waffle iron and allow to cook until cheese has melted and tortillas are golden brown.
    Serve roasted tomato salsa alongside quesadillas and dig in!
    Reprinted With Permission From Will It Waffle?: 53 Irresistible and Unexpected Recipes to Make in a Waffle Iron

    The base number of servings for this recipe is 2

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