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What's In Wilo Benet's Fridge?

Wilo Benet is the chef and owner of Pikayo, located in the Conrad Condado Plaza in San Juan, Puerto Rico. An on-air personality for FOX Latino's Utilísima Channel, he was a cheftestant on Top Chef Masters, is the creator of DOBLEÚ wine, and author of the cookbook Puerto Rico True Flavors.


5 things you always have in your fridge?

Onions, potatoes, eggs, mayo and Diet Coke


Guilty pleasures that TLK readers would find shocking?



What usually spoils before you get to use it?

Sour Cream


What does your family always eat before you get a taste?



What's the first item you reach for

1. First thing in the AM: Green tea

2. Middle of the night: Sea Salt Potato chips

3. When you're depressed or upset: Chocolate

4. When you're on top of the world: Jamon Iberico


What's the item you find yourself eating most often over the kitchen sink?

Ripe mangoes


What do you keep the most of in your fridge?

Soda, juice, tea, and a bottle of whiskey in the freezer


What's the item with the most out-of-date "Use By" date in your fridge?

My wife is the home fridge manager and actually throws out outdated stuff that’s still (in my opinion) edible. Yes, yes…we have had arguments about this. 


Tell us how your fridge at home differs from your fridge in your restaurant.

Day & night. My wife does the home fridge thinking primarily of our kids. I do the restaurant fridge thinking primarily of our customers.


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