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Watch and Learn with Daisy Martinez

See chef Daisy Martinez as you’ve never seen her before: in a new docu-style web series, Daisy, launching this Wednesday, July 31.

Though Martinez, best known for her PBS show Daisy Cooks! and FoodTV’s Viva Daisy!, is not new to the world of food tv, her newest show will feature her in a much more intimate way, both in the kitchen and out with fans and friends, while traveling, cooking, and of course, eating, as she explores her emotional connection to food.

Throughout the web series, Martinez is hoping to highlight how food can tell stories, unite us, and make us feel part of one community.

“We have an emotional connection to food. It's the only thing in life that we all have in common - no matter our ethnicity, our heritage, or the culture in which we were raised,” Martinez said in a press release. “Food shows us that the sameness that brings us together is far greater than the differences that divide us.”

As she dives into the stories and experiences behind some of her favorite foods, Martinez will also share her expertise and showcase some of the dishes that have become a part of her life and dishes that came from her ancestors and show culinary traditions that have been passed on through generations.

Before the web series premiers, whet your appetite with teasers and instructional videos (and delicious recipes!) from Daisy and friends. The web series starts July 31 and you can catch it here

Can't wait? Get a preview below. 

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