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At the Table with … Martin Morales

Chef Martin Morales is known as the pioneer of Peruvian food in the UK. Ceviche, his flagship restaurant, fueled its popularity in London and has since become one of the city’s best and most cherished restaurants. Glamour Magazine says Ceviche is the “sexiest restaurant in London,” and the Wall Street Journal calls it “a gastronomic dream.” The restaurant’s signature dish, ‘Don Ceviche,’ was heralded by both Time Out and The Sunday Times as one of the top new dishes in Britain.

Given all this acclaim, it’s surprising to discover that food and restaurants weren’t always Martin Morales’ bread and butter. Prior to opening Ceviche (and equally successful Andina), the chef worked with Steve Jobs at Apple Computers and in the music and entertainment industry with artists like Miley Cyrus.

These days, Chef Morales is focused mostly on food. When he’s not authoring cookbooks or behind the line at Ceviche, he’s curating dishes from ingredients found in the Peruvian Amazon, developing his next food concept – last year he created Britain’s first ever pop-up restaurant tour, and, in 10 days, cooked in and sold out 10 restaurants in 10 towns throughout Britain – and sitting on the Board of Trustees for Amantani.org.uk, an innovative British charity helping poor children in Peru by focusing their efforts through culinary programs.

If all of this makes you want to book the next flight to London to check out what he’s cooking, you’re not alone. Ceviche is popular. Don’t fret, however, if you can’t get to the UK straight away (or if you can’t get a reservation at Morales’ flagship spot). We’ve got you covered with recipes from the cookbook, a chance to win a copy of the book, and an exclusive interview with the prolific chef, wherein he reveals his biggest food indulgences and the secret to making your dishes sing. Enjoy.

Dish you crave from your abuela:

Arroz Con Pato. A traditional dish that includes as key ingredients duck, beer, coriander and rice. It hails from the north of Peru, which is the region my Andean family comes from.

Secret ingredient to make a dish pop:

Love. Tasting, tasting, tasting. Zing and ping are important. Balance the flavors always.

Favorite Latin restaurant in the U.S.:

Picca in LA by my long distance friends Ricardo Zarate and Stephane Bombet.

Favorite Latin restaurant in the world:

Ceviche in London (of course!), Andina in London (of course, again!). I truly love our restaurants, but if I was not allowed to choose them I would choose El Mercado de Rafael Osterling in Lima, Peru or Andres Carne De Res in Chia, Colombia.

Favorite city to eat in:

Arequipa, Peru.

Next up, the answer to the eternal question: how many Pisco Sours constitutes enough Pisco Sours?...

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