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At the Table with… Jennifer Betances

Jennifer Betances’ passion for cooking dates back to her childhood, when she and her brother, Armando Christian Perez (aka Pitbull), enjoyed classic Cuban meals prepared by their Tia. Jennifer’s focus on healthy, creative meals that honor family and tradition pays homage to those memories. As a partner and the culinary contributor at SyndicatedNews.net, where she hosts her own cooking show, Cuban with a Twist, Jennifer shares her favorite recipes and food stories with home chefs who, like her, see their heritage as an integral part of their cooking.

Jennifer is the featured chef in Latina Magazine's final issue of 2013, wherein she offers three mouthwatering recipes  guaranteed to please even the finickiest holiday dinner party guest. Here, we talk food, family and fun 'At the Table with Jennifer Betances.' Happy Holidays! 

Dish you crave from your Tia

I absolutely, positively, love my Tia’s Steak and French Fries.

Secret ingredienta to make a dish pop: 

I have three secret ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, salt (sea and/or truffle), and fresh cracked black pepper. These are basic yet important ingredients for flavor in practically any dish.

Favorite Latin restaurant in the U.S.: 

There are so many I enjoy in the U.S. and thus so many to choose from. I would have to say my favorite would have to be Versailles in Miami, Florida.

Favorite Latin restaurant in the world:

Staying true to my roots, Versailles in Miami, Florida.

Favorite city to eat in: 

I have two favorites: pasta in Switzerland or steak and seafood in Miami at Prime 112.

Secret to a perfect dinner party: 

I love to entertain! I hosted a huge dinner party for my brother and other family members in Miami last summer. I feel the secret to a perfect dinner party is the opportunity to enjoy quality time with the company you are with, while engaging in inspiring, profound conversations and, of course, a perfect blend of food choices to fit the occasion. It’s about the whole experience.

Biggest food indulgence: 

My guilty pleasure has to be French fries and chocolate. Indulging in moderation once in a while is, in my opinion, perfectly acceptable.

Favorite vegetable: 

I love spinach! It’s a powerhouse super food that is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and omega 3- fatty acids.

Best food memory: 

My best memory has to be going to my Tia’s house after school and having my favorite meal, steak and fries. I often make this meal to remind me of those days, and when I do, the smells remind me that it’s time to pay my Tia a visit.

Next, Betances shares her ideal meals, favorite cocktails, and her tips for home cooks...

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