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Oy Caramba! Meet the Chefs Serving Up El Ñosh at Puerto Rico Meets NYC

Ever wondered what a Puerto Rican and Jewish food mashup would look and taste like? If you answered "yes," you're in good company; namely that of chefs Roberto Treviño and Eric Greenspan, two culinary superstars who teamed up three years ago to create El Ñosh, a Latin and Jewish food fusion pop-up that has wowed foodies from coast to coast. 

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If you haven't heard of or tried the duo's whimsical creations, now's the time. Treviño and Greenspan are hosting an El Ñosh Pop-up Dinner October 3rd at New York's Hotel Americano as part of the much anticipated Puerto Rico Meets NYC festival. The first ever Puerto Rican iteration of the five-day event - last year's Meets NYC franchise brought chefs from Baja, Mexico to New York - will pair eight of Puerto Rico's finest chef talents with big name chefs from the Big Apple. The Treviño/Greenspan collaboration is among the most creative, and dare we say, delightfully wacky. 

We spoke to Treviño and Greenspan about how they met, what they look forward to cooking at Puerto Rico Meets NYC, and where they found the chutzpah (aka cajones, aka nerve) to "Latinize" and "Jewify" iconic cultural foods. Here, in advance of the Jewish holidays, is what they had to say. Hag Sameach! 

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