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Chefs Share: "What I'm Reading at the Beach..."

A day at the beach isn’t complete without a good book. And no one needs a day at the beach more than these hard working chefs. Chef and TV host Marcela Valladolid is currently wrapped up in The Struggle for Maize by Elizabeth Fitting and Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl. She also recommends La Republica de los Moles by Martha Chapa and De Caracoles y Escamoles by Jacques Paire. And she's not the only one traveling with a stack of mouthwatering books. When they're not working on their own cookbooks and memoirs, here are the delicious reads some of our favorite chefs tuck into their beach bags.

Ingrid Hoffman

Pick: Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation by Michael Pollan

When Ingrid Hoffmann isn’t in the kitchen cooking food, she’s reading about it. At the moment, she's in the middle of Cooked by Michael Pollan. “I love anything Michael Pollan writes because he's a proponent of clean eating,” said the chef and TV personality. “I love his added historical value to food.”

In Cooked, the author focuses on the process of actually cooking food and how the food process works. “It’s about trying to connect people to the satisfaction one can feel when creating a meal,” said Hoffmann, who would recommend any of Pollan’s books to readers. “This is exactly what I try to convey to my fans."

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