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Chef Chat: Jose Andres on Michelin Stars, Trump, and the Future of Food

This may have been José Andrés’s biggest year yet. In October, the Spanish chef and entrepreneur received two Michelin stars for his avant-garde, six-seat dining experience Minibar. He also expanded his culinary empire with five new restaurants, including outposts of his fast-casual vegetable eatery Beefsteak and his seafood-centric gem Bazaar Mar in Miami.

The DC-based James Beard winner also participated in his first-ever U.S. election in the fall. He hit the campaign trail in support of Hillary Clinton and spoke out proudly in favor of immigration reform. Following Donald Trump’s characterization of Mexicans as “rapists” and “thieves,” Andrés made headlines for pulling out of a major restaurant deal with the presidential candidate. Trump launched a $10 million lawsuit for breach of contract against Andrés that is still currently under litigation.

We caught up with Andrés just as his hectic 2016 was coming to a close to get the details behind his Michelin stars, his thoughts on Trump and his plans for 2017. 

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