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Baja Meets NYC with Drew Deckman

Drew Deckman always knew that he had an admiration for cooking. It was a passion, really, one he thought an actual cooking job would ruin. But after obtaining a philosophy degree at Rhodes College in Memphis and securing a run-of-the-mill day job, Deckman realized that he would much rather spend his time inside of the kitchen. So he set off for Europe, kicking off one delicious decade that ultimately led him to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. 

His culinary journey took him through Germany, Switzerland, and France, where he was privileged to work at Augerge du Lion d’Or with Gilles Du Pont, with Tommy Byrne in Geneva, and Paul Bocuse in Lyon.  When he returned to Germany for his first executive chef job, he wound up earning a Michelin star for his work at Restaurant Vitus in Reinstorf. “We didn’t even have the star as a goal in that first season.  It was such an honor to be recognized by Michelin,” he explains. He then moved onto Berlin's Four Seasons where he received more acclaim. Finishing his tenure in Europe, Four Seasons sent Deckman onto Kona, Hawaii.  Moves to Cancun to Los Angeles, where he spent time as a private chef, followed, but something was missing for Deckman who missed his other passion: fishing.  Taking a leap of faith, the fisherman/chef moved blind to Los Cabos in 2007 becoming, as his Twitter handle so clearly states, the Baja Fishing Chef (@bajafishingchef).  “I was seeking somewhere in the world where I could cook at the level to which I was accustomed and, at the same time, have a shot at some sort of a billfish 365 days a year.  Los Cabos is one of the few places that qualify.”

Once settled in his new home in San Jose del Cabo, Deckman fell in love with Mexican wines and Mexican wine country located in the northern Baja California's Valle de Guadalupe. After spending some time as a culinary consultant for some of the region’s wineries, he decided to open up his own spot, a seasonal open air restaurant called Deckman's en el Mogor with Cavas del Mogor, a well-respected winery and working ranch and garden.  Teaming up with Natalia Badan (proprietor) of Cavas del Mogor makes me feel as if I have won the loteria," Deckman says. “It is almost too good to be true.  We harvest our own farm products in the morning, gather our own eggs, serve lamb raised on the ranch, season our private label beer with flavors from Mogor.  Deckman’s Mogor is as close to vertically integrated as we could make it.”

Next, Deckman's en el Mogor takes off...

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