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After Hours with Your Favorite Latin Chefs

It’s been a long, hard day. While you head down to your local bar, our favorite chefs are hitting the town, sharing their favorite Latin hangouts and hotspots. From Philadelaphia to Los Angeles to Miami, here's where you'll find your favorite chefs when they're off the clock.

Chef: Jose Garces

City: Philadelphia

Jose Garces knows the ins and outs of Philadelphia. But after a busy night of running all over the city to check in on his various kitchens, there's no place Garces would rather be than his own bar, Rosa Blanca.

“Nothing soothes my nerves and sets me straight like a drink and a snack at Rosa Blanca, my new Cuban-Caribbean diner,” he says, adding that his go-to drink is a Pyrat XO reserve rum, served with one giant ice cube.

“It’s smooth, supple and perfect for sipping. Bonus: it cools down my mouth in between bites of piping hot empanadas, a snack that I’ve never in my life been able to resist,” Garces continues. Rosa Blanca’s picadillo version is made with beef and green olive, and is a current favorite of his.


Chef: Javier Plascensia

City: San Diego

For Mexican chef and restaurateur Javier Plascencia, there’s no better spot in San Diego than Hamilton’s Tavern.

“I love this place for its eclectic crowds,” says Plascencia, who prefers dive bars over modern or trendy places. Hamilton’s Tavern boasts an impressive list of beer both on tap and bottled, with a special emphasis on Belgian Craft beers. “I love their chalkboard special beers, and I always find something new and interesting when I go,” he said.

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