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Adam Rodriguez Shares His Holiday Traditions

With the holidays just around the corner, we're starting to think and salivate about all the yummy recipes we'll get to try. We've been asking pretty much everyone we come into contact with what they'll be testing out, so when we got the chance to interview actor Adam Rodriguez, we couldn't turn down the opportunity to find out about his holiday food weaknesses. Besides, when you look as good as he does, people start to wonder What did his madre feed him? Well, now you'll know.


TLK: What holiday traditions do you have?

Adam Rodriguez: I always feel like I don’t see my family as much as I would like to so that’s why I especially love the holidays. In my house there’s always cooking going on and everyone is around the kitchen. It’s all about appreciating the people closest to you and what you have in your life.


TLK: What do you usually eat during the holidays? Do you have a favorite holiday recipe?

Adam Rodriguez: Someone in my family has to make a nice Arroz con Gandules. I have to have that! I have to have Pernil too. Those are staples, so as long as I have those two dishes then I’m happy!


TLK: What about a Coquito?

Adam Rodriguez: I wasn’t even thinking about drinks, but yes that too! Although coquito doesn't help me keep my Magic Mike figure, but a little can't hurt, right? I also love a good Flan. Gotta have that!


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Additional reporting by Sugey Palomares.

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