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#IBuiltThis: In Napa Valley, Mexican Winemakers Turn American Dream Into Reality

The American dream. For the Gallegos family, the first immigrant winemakers in Napa Valley, it’s not just a hokey idea. It’s reality.

Ignacio Gallegos Sr., the family patriarch, established the Gallegos legacy when he settled in California’s Napa Valley in the 1950’s and began farming some of the area’s most prestigious vineyards; his son Ignacio II and grandsons Eric and Ignacio III advanced that legacy when they launched their vineyard management company in 2008.

Today, the Gallegos family not only manages multiple vineyards, it produces five of its limited-production wines. 

We talked to Igancio II and his sons Eric and Ignacio III about that American dream and the unique qualities that made both their wines and their family successful. Here’s what they had to say.

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