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#IBuiltThis: How Siete Family Foods Sparked a Tortilla Revolution

They say "it takes a village", but if you’re the Garza Family, it only takes seven passionate sets of hands.

Veronica Garza and her family, a lively Mexican-American clan hailing from South Texas, grew up on tacos, fajitas and the like. Her love for Tex-Mex, however, was unexpectedly interrupted when she was diagnosed with several health issues that prevented her from eating corn and flour. Garza refused to accept the fact that she could no longer eat tortillas. Instead, she began making her own grain-free tortillas, just for herself and her family to enjoy.

Fast-forward to today, where Siete Family Foods creates thousands of delicious, grain-free options for all to enjoy. We spoke with Veronica Garza on her tortilla inspiration and creating a revolutionary product. Here’s what she had to say.

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